• Accessories

    Accessories (5)

    ACCESSORIES All high-quality instrumentation must be maintained and properly cared for to ensure optimal longevity. Orange offers a complete line of holloware & sterilization products, cleaning products, tip protectors and other accessories designed to ensure your instrumentation performs at its peak every single time for its useful life. The high quality materials, perfect finish and surface treatment prevents bacteria growth,…
  • Diagnostic

    Diagnostic (26)

    Orange Diagnostic Instruments have a proven track record of quality and durability in even the most demanding practice. You will find a complete selection of industry standard patterns as well as some unique designs that will improve the diagnosis procedure experience for the practitioner and the patient. All the instruments are available in 8 & 10mm handles
  • Implantology

    Implantology (61)

    Unicorp Instruments Inc. offers a complete line of hand instruments for dental implant. Our instruments are made of the finest quality German grade stainless steel, which includes: Oosteotomes, bone spreaders, mallets, bone mills, chisels, bone scrapers, gauges, tissue punches, trephine burs, and additional products.
  • Orthodontics

    Orthodontics (74)

    Unicorp Instruments Inc. offers an extensive line of orthodontic cutters and pliers for practicing Orthodontists. Our line includes band pushers, cutters, bracket tweezers, mathieus, wire forming and utility pliers.
  • Restorative

    Restorative (81)

    We continuously strives to provide you with exceptional Restorative products for achieving remarkable aesthetic and functional results. We combine advanced technology and innovative design to produce superior products designed for optimal performance, maximum durability and resiliency. Our comprehensive Restorative product line is continually growing as we discover products which aid you in delivering consistent, accurate and predictable clinical outcomes.