About Us

Thank you for choosing DNK products. DNK is an industry leader in the research, design, development, and manufacturing of “electrosurgical instruments” with dependable quality that functions under the most demanding conditions.

Electrosurgical processes have become indispensable in operating rooms. Electrosurgery or high-frequency surgery are among the standard methods of conventional and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Tissue can be safely removed while at the same time, the bleeding is stopped. Monopolar electrosurgery has become the most common form. The patient is placed on a large-scale neutral electrode. Current flows from the electrosurgical instrument through the body to the neutral electrode. In the bipolar application, current flows only through a small part of the tissue from a bipolar instrument to a second one. Common applications are microsurgery and neurosurgery.

DNK offers an extensive portfolio of new and innovative products in the field of electrosurgery. We provide the right instrument for every application. Our devices and surgical instruments feature excellent reliability and safety. Thanks to the high-quality standards, our customers are satisfied all across the world.

In addition to monopolar and bipolar surgical instruments used in electrosurgery, our product assortment includes insulated speculums, non-stick instruments,  laser surgery instruments, laparoscopic instruments and accessories, electrodes, and cables are also available in single-use and reusable patterns.

Made with high-quality stainless steel and coated with special unbreakable and nontoxic Nylon material. Our fine instruments are hand-crafted for precision and durability. We are dedicated to producing the precision instruments that you demand at the cost-effective price you require. Discover DNK quality!