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Mathieu orthodontic pliers are positive locking pliers intended for holding, placing, and tying ligatures and elastics. Styles of Mathieu orthodontic pliers include standard, narrow, hook and notched. The tips or beaks of Mathieu orthodontic pliers may vary in size. Mathieu Double-Ended Retractor is a handheld instrument used to hold back muscle and tissue close to the surface.



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Ligature Tying Pliers Coon

Ligature Tying Pliers Coon plier with fine beaks for the ease of applying and tying Stainless Steel ligatures.
PKR 899.00 Price

Separator Placing Pliers

Separator Placing Pliers easy placement of separating elastics. Adjustable screw for control of width opening.
PKR 899.00 Price