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Kit a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose, kit is a group of items that are kept together, often in the same container, The case you keep these things in can also be called a kit or Set. A variety of dental instruments used in a basic dental Bracket Tweezers, Caliper & Gauges, Cutters, Hand Instruments, Mathieus, Utility pliers.

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Orthodontics Pliers Set

Orthodontics Pliers Set of 10 orthodontics pliers.
PKR 10,499.00 Regular price PKR 11,800.00 Price
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Orthodontics Basic Set

Set of 15 orthodontics pliers and instruments.
PKR 12,499.00 Regular price PKR 15,500.00 Price
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Advanced Orthodontics Set

Advance Orthodontics Kit includes the most commem pliers and instruments. 
PKR 10,999.00 Regular price PKR 12,500.00 Price