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Hand Instruments

Orthodontic Hands Instruments are carefully designed to reduce muscle fatigue and improve tactile sensitivity without sacrificing, Orthodontics Hand Instrument, Wholesale Various High Quality, hand instrument for debonding an adhesively bonded orthodontic bracket from a patient's tooth includes two jaws, each of which includes a contact pad, Orthodontic hand instruments are available in a variety of ergonomic handle sizes to accommodate your personal preference.

Hand Instruments


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Schure Scaler & Band Pusher

Schure Scaler & Band Pusher efficient band pusher is used to seat bands firmly while the small scaler is used to scrape away excess cements.
PKR 299.00 Price

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover are designed to remove tough adhesive residue.
PKR 299.00 Price

Elastic Ligature Applicator

Elastic Ligature Applicators are constructed in a unique profile, with stainless steel of specific resistance for the application.
PKR 299.00 Price

Distal Bender

Distal Bender Works on all stainless steel, most NiTi and Beta III wires.Can be used on all sizes of wires up to .021 x .028.
PKR 299.00 Price

Mershon Band Pusher

Mershon Band Pusher with a hollow handle for easy handling to safely band setting.
PKR 499.00 Price

Band Seater 1

Band seating 1 instrument with hard metal triangular serrated tip, different colors.
PKR 99.00 Price